What is VR

VR Escape Games Wolfsburg

- What does VR mean?

Virtual Reality (VR) is a computer generates reality with pictures in 3D and sound. It is a simulation of an environment just like in computer games. The only difference is that the player puts on virtual-reality glasses, the display fades away and your perception is within the game.

- What is a virtual-reality glass and what is it's use?

VR-glasses are essential to experience VR and navigate through it. The glasses consist of a rectengular plastic case whereas the main component are 2 sets of lenses. With cooperation of two seperate displays of the image source they produce a 3d image which arouses the experience of being within the action.

- The process of playing in the system Wolfsburg:

You play in teams of max 4 players on an area of 30 square meters within our arena. Before playing you will get a short breefing by our game master who is also supporting you during the game if you want to.The game lasts 40 min.

We are using backpack pcs and HTC Vive glasses. With the help of sensors ( base stations ) you are able to move freely around. This is why you are able to walk, crouch, runaround etc. within the world. The ontrollers as well which represent your hands in VR are registered/captured.