Exclusive rental

In an exclusive rental you are only playing with your group. An exclusive rental is especially suited for groups starting from 25 people onwards or you are seaarchig for that special something for your loved ones and want to play undisrubted.

prices / conditions:

273 €/hr from Tue to Thu.

If a rental is desired on Monday or at morning please contact us.

We gladly provide you with an individual offer and we also provide you with a complete bill after the event for your bookkeeping.

Payment can be done via EC card or bank transfer.

Yor pros of an exclusive rental:

- only you and your friends/co-workers enter the arena, no one else
- playing time of individual games is variable ( e.g. 15 min, 10 min, 8 min)
- next to standard mission you can also play soecial missions ( e.g. territories, gladiators etc. )
- you can organize catering or you go after ending your stay to the restaurant Helena which is directly over us


When is a hourly booking worthwhile?

( We provide 14 vests and 2 spare vests. )

Here is a calculation with adult rate:

14 players play each 3 games within 1 hr = 24 € per person = 336 €

1 hr rantal ( attendees 14 and more ) = one-time 273€

equals savings a of at least 63 €!

If you are more than 14 persons we can shorten playing time to 10 min. Therefor you are able to play more games within an hour and you can also reduce waiting time for each person.

*If non-atttendance or late cancellations of reservations we reserve our right to invoice you the costs.

We accept card payment!