Informations & Tips

How is the course of a Lasertag-Game?

On each game there is a maximum of 14 players. The duration is about 15 minutes with the briefing. If there are two or more games about to be played there will be a break between booked games for taking a short rest.

Before the game players are briefed shortly and are given a spectecular phaser-package. Consisting of a phaser (electronic light-emission device) and an electronic LED-vest.

What should I wear?

Short and dark clothes combined with solid foot wear are helpful but not necessaary. During a game you easily sweat so a change of clothes is helpful.

Is the light beam dangerous?

The infrared light is not harmful. It's the same technology most remotes use.

Witch who am I playing?

Generally there is no exclusiveness in a game. Groups that are already playing but not full may get other playyers added until maximum capacity is achieved.

Just a short notice: The more players the merrier and action-packed it is!

Should I make a reservation?

Yes, because of high demand we suggest you to make a reservation so we can avoid unnecessary idle time.

How many games shoul I play?

Based on our experience people have so much fun that one game in general is not enough. That's why we suggest people who are playing for the first time 2 to 3 games.

Be aware that lasertag and paintball can not be compared. Lasertag is a pain and dirt free game compared to paintball and you are not "shooting" at others you are deactivating the LED-vest through a light beam.